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Arnulfpost München

Renovation and partial new construction of a historic site in the center of Munich -the historic Arnulfpost (“Postpalast”), into a new office for Google. Total gross area is 607K, of which 340K is net offices. DESCRIPTION FUNCTION D-STUDIO D-studio, in partnership with AEC3 (Munich), takes on the role of BIM information manager and also part […]



This project consists of the renovation of 3 existing buildings (Avenue Fonsny47-48 and 49) and the construction of an extension, between the railway and the existing Fonsny Buildings. The total surface will be approximately 75,000 m². TASK DESCRIPTION BIM management Kick off meeting with all partners Assessment of the BIM duration of all stakeholders, including […]



Web platform (eco-system) about technical construction knowledge and BIM for BBRI. TASK DESCRIPTION D-studio is the technological partner forBBRIin the development of a digital eco-system for accessing and managing the construction-technical knowledge about products, materials and construction techniques.Access is provided for knowledge documents, calculation applications,with an integration in BIM technology (via software plug-ins and the […]


University Hospital Saint-Luc (CUSL)

The Saint-Luc University Hospital in Brussels is being transformed. In addition to the renovation andrestoration work, three new buildings will also be built. For this ambitious and innovative project of120.000 m², we collaborate with the architectural firms VK Architects & Engineers and Michel Rémon& Associés.By 2025, the Saint-Luc University Hospital aspires to become the medical […]


ZIN in No(o)rd, Befimmo Project 2023

The WTC towers in Brussels are being renovated. The buildings, WTCI and WTCII, will be partially demolished and the building materials will be recycled for the ZIN project that will start in 2023. On this site, with a total surface area of 110,000 m², offices, apartments, hotels, catering facilities and leisure spaces will be established. […]



Renovation of two historicalbuildings in Paris, part of a project by ZAC Saint-Vincent-De -Paul. TASK DESCRIPTION Initial support for BIM-related tasks and modelling. Now only support without modelling. CHALLENGES BIM implementation in architectural firm.


BMA Bronze – BIM Process

Building the municipal day-carecentre and renovating the adjoining House of Artists. It is important here to meet the energy performance and indoor climate requirements and to use environmentally friendly building materials. Furthermore, attention is paid to the multifunctionality of the day-care centre and to the cultural and social values of the House of Artists that […]


UZ Brussels

Brussel (UZB) wishes to expand and reorganize its infrastructure. To this end, it will build an extension to the existing Medical Technical Block, after which the existing block will be completely redesigned. The whole of the works is divided into 5 phases, the execution of which is spread over 8 years. In the same period, […]


Geneva Airport

Represent the existing Geneva airport in digital mock-up format using laser scanning technology. Allow the extraction of deliverable models in Revit, IFC format, dwg plans and surface quantities compatible with the airport’s SITAG geomatics service.Covered project area: 250,000 m² including technical and standard areas in air side and land side. TASK DESCRIPTION D-studio acts as […]


RIVM, new ministry building

New office building and laboratory for the Ministery of Public Health, The Netherlands, Utrecht TASK DESCRIPTION D-studio develops and manages an automated validation system: RevRel. Based on systems engineering techniques and life cycle management, BIM objects are automatically validated. For this purpose, BIM models are linked to external databases containing the construction requirements. Any BIM […]



Überseequartier (ÜSQ), the most metropolitan and vibrant part of the HafenCity district (former Port of Hamburg area) is being developed in order to provide a total of 270,000 m² (GFA) mainly for residential, commercial, and cultural uses, thereby revitalizing this area of the city. Überseequartier will feature prestigious architecture by offices such as UNStudio and […]


EIB Luxembourg – 3th building on the Kirchberg site

In order to support its expanding activities and due to the approaching end of EIB West Building’s lifecycle, the European Investment Bank requires a new headquarters building. The proposed building on the Kirchberg Site will feature 1,500 workstations, a conference area, sports facilities, commercial spaces, underground parking… The design contrastingly combines a low rise, oblong […]


Railway area Delft – The Netherlands

Spoorzone Delft is commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment to build two rail tunnels, an (underground) station, several new office buildings, a new town hall and projects for social housing. In spring 2015, the new railway tunnel, the town hall, the bus square and the (underground) station in Delft were finalized. TASK DESCRIPTION […]


Swiss Federal Railways – Lausanne Station

The redevelopment of the railway station
of Lausanne is an essential component of the Léman 2030 project