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For everyone interested in better project management for construction, urban planning and infrastructure projects.

Construction site Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier
Investor and project developer: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
Copyright: MK timelapse / URW

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D-studio develops custom BIM tools and applications for the integration of complex project data and easy access for all parties of the construction team. In this way we create added value based on already available data and resources. We always start from a concrete question from future users or from our own organization. The implementation is handled by our own BIM management team and is therefore always tested against day-to-day practice.

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The implementation of BIM in (large-scale) projects requires a specific approach. Our BIM team has extensive expertise and experience in Belgian and European projects with international players. D-studio acts as a BIM manager and coordinator for project organizations or as a BIM advisor for companies. We are always guided by international standards and good practices, but this is translated in a tailor-made fashion for the project and the parties involved.

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Through research projects, D-studio is constantly working on improving construction processes, promoting information sharing and correctly deploying supporting technology, together with all kinds of knowledge institutions. Our focus is currently on the use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in automatic quality analysis of BIM data. We are supported for this through a VLAIO innovation project. We are also very involved in the conversion of the ISO19650 recommendations to the Belgian context (in collaboration with the BBRI) and are an active participant in the EU/ISO standardization committees.

The approach from 3 complementary perspectives gives us a unique position to give BIM methods & technology the right place within construction projects.


As an innovative player in the BIM market and the broader construction sector, we want to support companies in their processes. To that end, we use the BIM method and we provide customers with advanced applications, tools, consultancy and research that effectively contribute to the efficiency and improvement of the operational processes of these companies. By providing added value that responds to market demand, our aim is to take the sector as a whole to a higher level.

We do this in a transparent, open manner, where agreements are fulfilled and a high-quality service is paramount. By taking a critical look at our own work, we want to guarantee permanent quality. In this way we want to remain a leader and reference in the field of BIM solutions and tools.

The D-studio team is a mix of young enthusiasm and some gray hair, locally anchored with exotic accents, from builders and thinkers. We also want to assume our social role as a company and make a certain contribution to the construction of society.

Allard Leenaerts

Senior BIM Manager

Bert Nijs

Senior BIM Manager

Koenraad Nys

Managing Partner

Katia De Groote

HR & Administration Manager

Radu Dordea

Senior Bim Manager

Stefan Boeykens

Sr. Innovation & Bim Manager

Stein Govaert

Senior Software Engineer

Wesley Geysels

BIM Software Developer

Jacco Uijlenhoet

BIM Planning & Advies

Iva Zheleva

BIM Functional Analyst

Rik Van Ittersum

BIM Software Developer

Jan Aarssen

BIM Software Developer

Hakan Sanli

BIM Software Developer

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Überseequartier (ÜSQ), the most metropolitan and vibrant part of the HafenCity district.

Swiss Federal Railways – Lausanne Station

The redevelopment of the railway station of Lausanne is an essential component of the Léman 2030 project.

UZ Brussels

BIM process management, support for space plan projects UZ Brussel.

ZIN in No(o)rd, Befimmo Project 2023

The WTC towers will be partially demolished and the building materials will be recycled.


Onze Referenties

D-studio assists you in all aspects of BIM and related domains. A selection of our services and solutions:

BIM Management, BIM coordination and everything needed for proactive information management and/or information based project management in large-scale construction projects. D-studio acts as BIM Manager/Coordinator for projects in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland.

BIM (ad hoc) advice for implementation within large and small organizations and companies with questions about BIM applications. D-studio acts as BIM Advisor for the NBB (National Bank of Belgium), Beliris, architectural firms, contractors,…. .

BIM audit and guidance of complete BIM implementation processes within organizations and projects. D-studio has carried out assignments for Cofinnimo, Befimmo, the port of Antwerp, ...

Development of plugins for Revit, Navisworks, Archicad, Sketchup, and other BIM applications, whether or not linked to external applications via the generic D-studio xD BIM Engine. Assignments for Abvent, KPD, Cerqual, Relatics, TBI, Arcadis, ...

Development of complete BIM cloud ecosystems and dashboards. Assignments for Abvent (BIMOC), BBRI (BIMio), Lantis (BIM Dashboard),….

Custom development of any BIM application based on 3rd party technology (Forge, ArcGis, Relatics, Primavera,…) or proprietary technology (IFC Viewer, xD BIMEngine, BIMcradle BIM quality check,…). Assignments for Abvent (BIMtrack plugin), Gyproc, MEET, BBRI, TBI, ...

A growing range of innovative solutions through our own ecosystem BIMcradle, and the development of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning applications for the automatic processing, enrichment and quality validation of BIM data.






The Netherlands

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