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This project consists of the renovation of 3 existing buildings (Avenue Fonsny47-48 and 49) and the construction of an extension, between the railway and the existing Fonsny Buildings. The total surface will be approximately 75,000 m².


BIM management

  • Kick off meeting with all partners
  • Assessment of the BIM duration of all stakeholders, including the owner,
  • Analysis / definition or the EIR,
  • Development of the BIM protocol,
  • BIM workflow management,
  • BIM quality control and compliance with BEP,
  • BIM Coordination meeting every 2 weeks,
  • IT Support of the project manager and all partners.

BIM Coordination

  • Development of the BEP,
  • Setup / configuration of the CDE,
  • Spatial coordination and clash detection (every 2 weeks),
  • Testing and reporting of monthly model health check via DST Dashboard (every month)
  • Setup for the character generation (no actual drawing production and rounding)
  • Setup for the BoQ generation (BoQ content itself must be validated by each design partner)


  • DST will not produce data, DST will manage and facilitate
  • Design content is not checked
  • Software licenses are not included


  • BIM process according to ISO19650
  • Setting up AIR
  • Use of Uniclass 2015
LocationAvenue Fonsny 47-48-49, 1000 Brussel -Belgium
DomainOffice building / Station building
FunctionBIM Procesmanager en BIM coördinator
Period2020 – 08/03/2025