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UZ Brussels


UZ Brussel wishes to expand and reorganize its infrastructure. To this end, it will build an extension to the existing Medical Technical Block, after which the existing block will be completely redesigned. The whole of the works is divided into 5 phases, the execution of which is spread over 8 years. In the same period, a new administrative building with a new main entrance will also be built, the so-called Landmark building. UZ Brussel wants to have the implementation of these projects supported by BIM in order to finally obtain a digital model of the new buildings that can support their operation in combination with the Ultimo Facility Management Software (FMIS) that is already in use. Since UZ Brussel itself has no experience with BIM, it wants to be supported by external experts to:

  • Set up BIM vision, protocols, implementation rules, …
  • Guide the client in setting up BIM in her organization
  • Manage the BIM process for the projects of the UZ Brussel space plan
  • Optionally build a BIM model of the existing buildings of UZ Brussel


BIM process management, support for space plan projects UZ Brussel. Process supervision and guidance BIM implementation and BIM process management (drafting protocols) led by MagnetGroup.

ClientUZ Brussel
FunctionBIM manager
Estimated Cost┬▒ EUR 800,000