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Railway area Delft – The Netherlands


Spoorzone Delft is commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment to build two rail tunnels, an (underground) station, several new office buildings, a new town hall and projects for social housing. In spring 2015, the new railway tunnel, the town hall, the bus square and the station in Delft were finalized.


Risk management:

  • Establishing and improving risk management by applying the Risman method
  • Organizing risk management sessions with subcontractors and client representatives (Delft municipality)
  • Risk analysis in quarterly reports (top 10, progress reports…)
  • Risk management in consultation with project managers and team members


  • Conception of a planning and planning management method
  • Implementation of a planning and project management system
  • Development of different phasing scenarios
  • Visualizing and managing adjacent zones and the risks associated with tunnel construction

The challenge in this task stems particularly from working together with a large variety of parties with both common and (partially) opposing interests. The planning is carried out 4 times per year and includes an exhaustive risk analysis based on a Monte-Carlo simulation (Primavera).

4D BIM model

A highly abstracted 4D BIM reference model allows for better management and especially communication of the planned and current interventions.

LocationDelft, The Netherlands
DomainDevelopment of railway station area
ClientMinisterie van Infrastructuur & Milieu, gemeente Delft
FunctionInformation Management / Planning & Risk Management
Estimated Cost± € 1,000,000,000
Period2005 – 2018