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Web platform (eco-system) about technical construction knowledge and BIM for BBRI.


D-studio is the technological partner forBBRIin the development of a digital eco-system for accessing and managing the construction-technical knowledge about products, materials and construction techniques.Access is provided for knowledge documents, calculation applications,with an integration in BIM technology (via software plug-ins and the integration of a model viewer).D-studio is responsible for the platform itself (back-end, front-end), in close collaboration with external partners (including for UX / UI design, but also preferential software partners). A modular and extensible platform is being created, which on the one hand offers a homogeneous environment to the users (the website front-end), but on the other hand also thematic applications (calculation tools, apps)as well as offering the corresponding APIs, so that third partiescan also connect tothe platform.

Finally, the BBRI also explicitly wishes to enable its own experts to (gradually) add new calculation applications to the platform themselves, as well as to actively manage all content and constructiontechnical data, so that the platform can actas a Content Management System. The first applications that were launched are FENESTRIO (a series of calculation tools for joinery) and Maintenance Guide (a maintenance guide that can be compiled digitally). The BIMio Model Viewer and first BIM plugins are currently in the test phase.

FunctionTechnology partner, Developer
Estimated Cost+/-400K for phase1
Period08/2018 to date