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Swiss Federal Railways – Lausanne Station


The redevelopment of the railway station and its neighborhood in Lausanne is an essential component of the Léman 2030 project, launched by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB/CFF/FFS) in cooperation with the cantons of Vaud and Genève, and aims to revitalize the railway network between Genève and Lausanne. The station of Lausanne, which is currently completely saturated, will be enlarged with significant attention being paid to a sensible integration in the urban surroundings.


D-studio acts as BIM Manager with the following main tasks:

  • Definition of the BIM, BEP strategy (BUM by the executive parties)
  • Definition of the different workflows and information flows (processes)
  • Management of the CDE
    • BIM 360 for sharing models and data
    • BIMCollab for monitoring problems
    • Olmero as DMS system
  • Quality control of BIM models and associated data
  • Preparation of the implementation file
  • Coaching and management of all partners


  • The Gare de Lausanne project is a pilot project for the use of BIM with Swiss railways. BIM was (is)
    new to all parties, certainly as a process, but pure 3D modeling is certainly not an acquired expertise
    either. Coaching and managing the different BIM and study teams therefore requires the necessary
    effort and time. The preparatory process lasted about a year.
  • The project itself seems big, but the size is not the real challenge. However, the complexity and the
    organization that surrounds it are. The railways’ own organization and the large number of study
    teams and executors make communication very difficult.
  • In addition to the people directly involved, it must also be coordinated with the city of Lausanne and
    the subway. One of the subway lines runs right under the station and coordination is therefore
    extremely critical.
  • The combination of an infrastructure project (rail + subway) and the built environment requires
    greater precision. Monitoring is done using precise topographic reference models.
  • For D-studio, it was certainly also a challenge to master the current Swiss standards.
LocationLausanne (Switzerland)
DomainDevelopment of railway station area
ClientSwiss Federal Railways, Lausanne railway station (Lausanne CFF)
FunctionBIM Manager
Estimated Cost± CHF 1,200,000,000, of which CHF 600.000.000 for BIM elements