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University Hospital Saint-Luc (CUSL)


The Saint-Luc University Hospital in Brussels is being transformed. In addition to the renovation and restoration work, three new buildings will also be built. For this ambitious and innovative project of 120.000 m², we collaborate with the architectural firms VK Architects & Engineers and Michel Rémon & Associés.
By 2025, the Saint-Luc University Hospital aspires to become the medical centre of the future.


The mission of D-studio will mainly be a mission of BIM manager for the research team. In general, the BIM manager determines the strategy, objectives, information flows, roles, methods, … and ensures the quality of the project based on tests and evaluations. He therefore acts on a tactical / strategic level. It is clear that the other partners should also be included in this approach.

ClientCliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc
FunctionBIM consultancy / BIM coordination / BIM process management
Estimated CostEUR 250.000.000
Period2018 –(+/-10jaar)