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Geneva Airport


Represent the existing Geneva airport in digital mock-up format using laser scanning technology. Allow the extraction of deliverable models in Revit, IFC format, dwg plans and surface quantities compatible with the airport’s SITAG geomatics service. Covered project area: 250,000 m² including technical and standard areas in air side and land side.


D-studio acts as Principal Agent with the supervision of a subcontractor for the scanning of the existing condition. D-studio is responsible for the production of final deliverables and quality monitoring. D-studio reports to the client and maintains an up-to-date production progress dashboard and manages the entire production of the digital model.


  • Keep a very restrictive deadline of 10 months to produce 250,000 m² of scans
  • Represent the existing with a tolerance of + -1 cm of error
  • Representation of all technical and architectural lots with a LOG of 350
  • Provide a personalized and operational platform solution for the exchange and dissemination of project information

LocationGeneva(Switzerland) -Genève Airport
FunctionBIM Manager and modulization
Estimated Cost645 000 ±CHF
PeriodApril 2019 –February 2020