Terug naar Projecten Installing D-studio Productivity Tools (DPT)



Welcome and thank you for installing the D-studio Productivity Tools (DPT)

This tool will help you with your clash detection by adding some additional functionality in Navisworks 2019/2020/2021.

The different tools that you can use are:


  • The Searchset Generator: This will generate searchsets based on properties
  • The SelectionSet Remover: You can easily remove unnecessary selectionsets

Clash Setup

  • Clash Test Generator: Quickly generate clashtest based on Selectionsets, this makes combinations of all the selected sets.
  • Update Clash Settings: Update clash test settingsf or selected clash tests

Clash Export

  • Export Clash Test: Export a list of the clashtests with the amounts per group
  • Export Clash Matrix: Exports a Clash Matrix of all the clashtests

For further assistance or feedback you can always contact us:


Company Name: D-Studio

Company URL: https://dstudio.be

Support Information

Email us at dev@dstudio.be with questions, feedback, or requests for enhancements.