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ZIN in Brussels

ZIN in No(o)rd - Renovation WTC-towers, Brussels

The WTC towers in Brussels are being transformed. The buildings, WTCI and WTCII, will be partially demolished and those building materials will be recycled for the ZIN project that will start in 2023. On this site, with a total surface area of 110,000 m², offices, apartments, hotels, catering facilities and leisure spaces will be established.

General info
  • Location
  • Domain
    Offices, Home, Retail/ commercial, Entertainment
  • Client
  • Design team
    Jaspers-Eyers Achitects
    VK Engineering
  • Estimated costs
    EUR 375.000.000
  • Period
    2018 -
  • D-Studio Key Person
    Koenraad Nys
    Radu Dordea
    Bert Nijs
Task description

It concerns the execution and coordination of the following tasks: clash strategies, creating a merged model, setting up a BIM Collab, communication strategies within the study process, BEP topics (LOD, shared parameters).