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Vision and Mission


With D-Studio, we want to maintain and further expand our market position in the BIM market and, more broadly, in the construction sector in the coming years in an innovative and progressive way. Our aim is to provide existing and new customers with an effective added value that can be measured. The focus is on 3 core services: BIM project management, software development and research / consultancy. Our qualitative, committed and self-critical approach is central here, but also transparency and compliance with agreements are an integral part of our way of working. We want to achieve this by attracting additional, talented employees with know-how to handle more and larger projects in a qualitative way. Our goal is to maintain our excellent reputation and to remain a leader in the market in terms of innovation. We strive to give direction to the market. Being recognized as a reliable player in the market is important to us. In addition, we want to optimize product-independent existing tools, and develop new tools that allow companies in our core sector to work more efficiently, save costs and take steps towards automation. But we also want to excel in BIM project management and process support for our customers. In this way we deliver even more added value in optimizing processes and we reduce the failure costs for our customers. By seamlessly aligning our focus on quality and our developments with market demand, we want to strengthen and safeguard our market position. Within Belgium, Europe and even the whole world to grow into a healthy organization in the short term. The expansion of the group with a network of its own associated companies within Europe, combined with partner companies, supports this ambition. We want to achieve our objectives in a positive way with respect for the customer and our own employees. The latter also get all development opportunities to participate in the growth of D-Studio.


As an innovative player in the BIM market and the wider construction sector, our aim is to provide companies and project organizations with progressive applications, tools, consultancy and research that effectively contribute to the return and improvement of operational processes. By delivering added value that responds to market demand, we want to bring the sector as a whole to a higher level. We work in a transparent, open manner, whereby agreements are met and a high-quality service is paramount. By looking critically at our own work, we want to continue to guarantee quality. In this way we want to grow further into a reference recognized by the sector in terms of BIM solutions and tools.