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D-Studio is primarily concerned with two domains of BIM. On the one hand we develop applications and innovative BIM tools for the integration of project data, or in short BIM development. On the other hand, there is D-Studio’s BIM management branch which supports projects and organizations in their adoption or application of BIM.


  • OpenBIM at the core. The basic approach is always open and independent of specific applications.
  • Open standards. Our main source of inspiration are the international BIM norms, especially, but not exclusively, the British standard BS 1192.
  • Applications. Of course BIM requires software applications. That’s why we use and have a profound knowledge of a wide variety of platforms and technologies: software from Autodesk, Trimble, Nemetschek, as well as ArchiCAD, IFC… We have access to all relevant software environments and have gained substantial experience in their use and, increasingly so, development for them.
  • Flexibility. You have to approach each project individually and analyze the possibilities while taking into account the particularities of a team and the available tools.
  • No sacred cows. If the tools developed by D-Studio do not meet the specific needs of the client, we do not hesitate to consider third-party applications.

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